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FLK11C – MEDC17 ECU Cable kit

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Set of 4 cables to connect the Flex programmer to MEDC17 ECUs.Compatible ECUs:ME17.3.0 MEDC17 MED17.3.5 MEVD17.2.G
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The Flex V2 MEDC17 ECU Cable kit is a specialized set of cables designed specifically for connecting and communicating with MEDC17 Engine Control Units (ECUs) using the Flex V2 device. This kit includes a range of cables that are compatible with different MEDC17 ECU models, allowing for efficient diagnostics, programming, and other ECU-related tasks.

The Flex V2 MEDC17 ECU Cable kit consists of multiple cables with different connectors and pin configurations, precisely tailored to match the requirements of various MEDC17 ECU variants. These cables ensure reliable communication and data transfer between the Flex V2 device and the MEDC17 ECUs.

With the Flex V2 MEDC17 ECU Cable kit, automotive technicians and enthusiasts can perform a wide range of functions on MEDC17 ECUs, including reading and clearing fault codes, performing ECU programming and coding, conducting performance tuning, and accessing various ECU parameters for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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