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A gamechanger since 1991, today Alientech defines the chiptuning industry.

With hundreds of retailers and thousands of customers across the globe, the company is considered a pioneer when it comes to ECU remapping, with solutions that meet every need.

The Alientech KESS3 V2 is a unique chiptuning tool that can configurate an extensive list of vehicles, not to mention that it combines 3 operating modes in one tool: OBD, Bench and Boot mode.

Get it in master or slave version at Tuning-X and you’ll be amazed by its features and benefits.

The Powergate3+ is another exclusive solution that allows you to configure and customize your customers’ driving experience no matter where they are: they remap their ECUs based on the files you have preloaded.

The company moves forward with its software as well: the Alientech ECM Titanium is the remapping software your garage was missing.

Are you a young engine enthusiast or the most specialized mechatronic in the industry?

The Alientech tools and remapping software will give you and your customers incredible performance, high flexibility and ease of use that matches the majority of engines and gearboxes.

Try their products today and you’ll never stop!

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