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FLX4.51 – Universal MAGBench Adjustable pogo pin probe

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Extendable pen that allows contact with any surface point of the ECU.
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The Universal MAGBench Adjustable Pogo Pin Probe is a versatile accessory designed to provide precise and reliable electrical connections between your MAGBench system and electronic control units (ECUs) during programming, diagnostics, and testing procedures. This adjustable probe features pogo pins, which are spring-loaded pins that ensure consistent and stable contact with ECU pins.

The adjustable design allows you to customize the height and position of the pogo pins, accommodating different ECU configurations and pin layouts. This ensures optimal contact and reliable communication between your MAGBench system and the ECUs, minimizing signal loss and interference.

The pogo pins provide a secure and reliable connection, making it easier to perform tasks such as reading and writing ECU memory, accessing calibration parameters, and conducting diagnostic functions. Their spring-loaded mechanism ensures consistent pressure and contact, even in cases where the ECU pins might be uneven or have varying heights.

Please note that the Universal MAGBench Adjustable Pogo Pin Probe is designed for use with MAGBench systems and may not be compatible with other bench setups or device

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