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MAGP0.5.17 – Drilling tool for BMW MEVD17.2.4 / MEVD17.2.9

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This device minimizes risk of damage to the compatible control units during operations.
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The drilling tool for BMW EDC17CP41/45 ECUs is a specialized tool designed to assist in the process of accessing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) for programming or modifications. This tool is specifically designed for BMW vehicles with EDC17CP41/45 ECUs and facilitates the drilling process to gain physical access to the ECU.

With the drilling tool, you can carefully create an opening or hole on the ECU housing, allowing for the necessary connections or access points to be made. This is typically done to connect programming tools or cables to the ECU for diagnostic purposes, programming, or custom tuning.

The drilling tool is engineered to provide precision and control during the drilling process, ensuring that the ECU is not damaged or compromised. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to ensure safe and accurate usage of the drilling tool.

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