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FLK42 – Adapter kit: 6 pcs set of pin adapters to FLX35

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Pin adapter kit for connections between FLK35 and ECU / TCU pins
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The package includes a set of pin adapters specifically designed for establishing connections between the FLK35 and ECU/TCU pins. The contents of the package are as follows:

5 x Pin Adapter A: This adapter features a large flat female pin designed for use with the FLK35 (FLK4.2A).
5 x Pin Adapter B: Included in the set are flat medium pin adapters for the FLK35 (FLK4.2B).
5 x Pin Adapter C: The package contains flat small 1-pin adapters intended for the FLK35 (FLK4.2C).
5 x Pin Adapter D: Also included are flat small 2-pin adapters compatible with the FLK35 (FLK4.2D).
5 x Pin Adapter E: The set provides square mini pin adapters designed for the FLK35 (FLK4.2E).
5 x Pin Adapter F: Lastly, the package contains round pin adapters suitable for the FLK35 (FLK4.2F).
These pin adapters enable secure and reliable connections between the FLK35 and ECU/TCU pins, facilitating efficient data transfer and communication. With the various adapter types available in this set, professionals can effectively establish connections between different pin configurations, ensuring compatibility and accuracy during the connection process.

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