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MAGP0.5.18 – 10 Protective caps for BMW MEVD17.2.4/9 ECU

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Used to cover holes after using the drilling tool (MAGP0.5.17). The kit consists of 10 pcs.
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The pack of 10 protective caps for BMW MEVD17.2.4/9 ECUs is a set of specialized caps designed to provide protection for the connectors of MEVD17.2.4/9 ECUs in BMW vehicles. These caps are specifically designed to fit securely over the ECU connectors, offering a protective barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

By using the protective caps, you can help prevent potential damage or corrosion to the ECU connectors, ensuring their longevity and reliable performance. The caps are made from durable materials that provide resistance to environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting protection for the connectors.

The pack includes 10 protective caps, allowing you to cover multiple MEVD17.2.4/9 ECUs or have spares for future use. The caps are easy to install and remove, providing a convenient solution for protecting the sensitive connectors of the ECUs.

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