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FLX8.31 – Flexible ToolCase

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Even bigger, even more flexible. The new Flexible ToolCase has been enlarged to carry all your most important mechatronic tools and accessories. It features four detachable inserts, each equipped with four internal pockets.
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The Magicmotorsport Flexible ToolCase is a specially designed carrying case that offers a convenient and secure storage solution for your Magicmotorsport tools and equipment. This case is tailored to accommodate Magicmotorsport devices, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection during transportation.

With its flexible construction, the ToolCase can easily adapt to the shape and size of your Magicmotorsport tools, providing a snug and secure fit. The durable exterior of the case offers excellent protection against impacts, scratches, and other potential damages, keeping your valuable tools safe during transit.

Inside the ToolCase, you’ll find customizable compartments and dividers that allow for efficient organization and arrangement of your Magicmotorsport devices, accessories, cables, and other essential items. This ensures that everything stays organized, preventing damage or loss of equipment.

The ToolCase is designed with convenience in mind. It is lightweight and portable, featuring comfortable handles or shoulder straps for easy carrying

With the Magicmotorsport Flexible ToolCase, you can confidently transport your Magicmotorsport tools and equipment to various locations, knowing that they are well-protected and organized. Keep your tools secure and in pristine condition with this dedicated carrying case designed specifically for Magicmotorsport devices.

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