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ATESD050 – Autotuner ESD mat

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ESD table mat, 60x40cm. High quality static dissipative, double-layered, heat and chemicals resistant mat. Adjustable bracelet and grounding cord included.
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An autotuner ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) mat is a specially designed mat used to prevent electrostatic discharge during electronic repair or tuning tasks. It provides a safe working surface that helps dissipate static electricity and protect sensitive electronic components from damage.

ESD mats are typically made of conductive materials that allow the flow of static electricity away from the work area. They often feature a slightly textured surface to provide a non-slip grip for tools and devices. Additionally, ESD mats usually have a grounding cord or connector that can be attached to a grounded point, such as an electrical outlet or a grounding wrist strap.

Using an ESD mat when working with autotuners or any other electronic equipment helps reduce the risk of static electricity causing damage to sensitive components. It is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity and functionality of electronic devices during tuning or repair processes.

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