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Alientech Full Chiptuning Kit

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Flashing Tool
Marine & PWC




  • Alientech KESS3 slave tool linked to Tuning-x
  • OBD ECU+TCU Protocols enabled
  • Bench, Boot ECU+TCU Protocols enabled
  • Cars, LCV vehicle protocols
  • 60 Tuning-X FREE credits (euqals 6x stage1 files)
  • EcuTech 100A Programming Power Supply / Battery Charger
  • KESS3 – Alientech Positioning Frame
  • Better pricing benefits if you only use Tuning-X slave tools
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ECU and TCU programming via OBD, boot and bench.
Welcome third dimension.

Thanks to thirty years of experience and nearly three years of development, KESS3 is the most advanced engineering achievement ever conceived in the Chiptuning industry.

Alientech has made a significant breakthrough to create something unique and extraordinary, which has no equal in the market, in terms of functions, convenience, and versatility.

KESS3 has been developed to provide everyone, from the young engine enthusiast to the most specialized mechatronic technicians with a quick and simple interface to any engine control unit and automatic gearbox on the market.

Sensational performance, high operational flexibility and ease of use allow you to interface with engines and gearbox control units with a single tool.


All in One Tool

KESS3 combines 3 operating modes in one tool. OBD, Bench and Boot Mode.

Configure it according to your needs and your work. Whatever your level and experience in remapping, KESS3 gives you the best.

Case contents

USB cable, needed to interface with the KESS3 instrument through the PC

The new generation OBD cable that integrates all the communication lines used by the various car manufacturers; this cable, therefore, replaces various wirings that were used by KESSv2; more specifically, it is also able to communicate with Honda, Volvo, Lotus and Toyota.

1400SWALIM power supply, capable of providing sufficient current and voltage to communicate with the electronic control units, in a stable and safe way.

144300TALI cable, to power the instrument using a bench power supply (the power supply, on the other hand, is sold separately)

144300KBNC cable to communicate with the control units directly on the bench

144300KTER pack which contains all the cables useful for connection in BENCH or BOOT mode. (extender).

144300T104 rainbow cable IDC 26-10 consisting of 10 wires, used to connect directly to the electronic board of the control unit.

144300T105 rainbow cable IDC 26-16 composed of 16 wires, used to connect directly to the electronic board of the control unit.

144300T106 rainbow cable IDC 26-26 consisting of 26 wires, used to connect directly to the electronic board of the control unit.

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