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14AM00T30M – KESS3 – Pull-out adapter (Renesas SH725xxx-26)

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Genuine Alientech Pull-out adapter (Renesas SH725xxx-26)
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The KESS3 Pull-out adapter for Renesas SH725xxx-26 is a specific adapter designed to be used with the KESS V3. The adapter allows for safe and easy programming of automotive electronic control units (ECUs) with Renesas SH725xxx-26 microprocessors. It connects to the KESS V3 tool and the ECU, enabling fast and reliable data transfer between the two devices. The pull-out design ensures that the adapter is easy to install and remove, making it a convenient and efficient tool for ECU programming and maintenance.

For peace of mind, buy only Original high Quality adapters for stable connection between KESS3 programming tool and the board of ECU.

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