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KESS3 Slave – Car – LCV Bench-Boot Protocols activation

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Alientech Car / LCV Boot / Bench Protocols. This activation package for the Kess 3 is for Cars and light commercial vehicles, LCVs. Therefore is for tuning and remapping cars that require direct ECU tuning. And not OBD tuning and remapping.
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The KESS3 Slave – Car – LCV Bench-Boot Protocols activation is an essential tool for professional chip tuners looking to enhance the performance and efficiency of their cars and LCVs. This activation package provides access to the KESS3 Slave protocols, allowing for easy and convenient tuning via bench or boot mode. With this activation, you’ll be able to modify the ECU/TCU data of cars and LCVs, providing limitless possibilities for optimizing engine performance. It’s worth noting that these protocols are only functional through bench or boot mode, and for a detailed list of supported vehicles, please refer to the official Alientech website.

This is an official Kess3 Bench-Boot activation package. With Slave protocols you are enjoying the affordable price of the protocol and the same time the best available price per file, excellent support and the piece of mind that an experienced master tuner can give you

No shipping for this product. Software operations such activations usually are done within few hours, activation time depends on tool vendor.

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